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Monday, 5 May 2014

Beautiful Foggy Morning

Beautiful Foggy Morning

I was at my native place for my relative’s marriage and I took some good shots of playing kids and morning dew but never got opportunity to capture beautiful sunrise because I never woke up early and every time I miss the good opportunity to capture some good shots of sunrise

But this time I have decided to woke up early morning and grab this opportunity to capture some good shots of sunrise.

Because it is very difficult to capture the sunrise in the middle of city…where sun is always hide behind the skyscrapers buildings.

So i have woke up at 5, geared up with my Cannon DSLR and went to the location to capture some good shots

After capturing some good shots of beautiful sunrise, I was on my way to my home, sun slowly peeks out over the horizon and yellow light was scattered in the sky.

And Due to winter season fog was everywhere and it was looking like clouds floating on the road, that scene was so beautiful.

I took my cam and captured this beautiful moment and that was beautiful foggy morning.

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