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Monday, 19 May 2014

What does ISO means ?

What does ISO means ?

If you are relatively new into this Photography world, then first you have to understand the most important settings of your DSLR that is ISO, Aperture and shutter speed.

When I started my journey in Photography world, I was also bit confused by these words but by experimenting with these 3 setting I have understood how these setting will affect the photo.

While choosing a specific ISO you will notice that this setting impacts the aperture and shutter speed, because these 3 settings are bank on each other

Here I have put simple explanations of this settings so, you can understand these things easily.

So, what does ISO means?

This s is nothing but the sensitivity of your camera to available light. The lower the ISO (100) number, the less sensitive to the light, while a higher ISO number (3200) means more sensitive to light.

In simple language higher ISO means noisy or grainy image, so rule is you want to use the lowest ISO for your photos to get high quality image.

For Example – the one on the left is taken at 200 and the one of the right at 6400

[ Click on image to zoom ]

Lower setting -200

Higher setting -64000

When there is good amount of light, you should always use the lowest number setting , to retain the high quality image, but the proper ISO setting really depends on the level of lighting you’re shooting.

If there is plenty of light, and my subject is stationary then i will generally use a low number (like 100).

If it’s dark, and my subject is moving I might consider increasing the this setting, as it will allow me to shoot with a faster shutter speed and allow to freeze that moment.

For example if your camera sensor needed exactly 1 second to capture a scene at ISO 100, so by switching to ISO 1600, you can capture the same scene at 1/16th of a second which is mandatory to capture moving object.

This setting plays an important aspect of photography, experiment with different settings and see how these settings impact your shot.

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