Vkclicks: Mohammad Ali Road of Mumbai, The foodies paradise

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mohammad Ali Road of Mumbai, The foodies paradise

The month of Ramzan offers an invitation to foodies. That’s incomplete without the Non veg treat of Mohammad Ali Road, which situated within the heart of South Mumbai.
This is the ideal place for the non veg foodies, here they can have variety of non-veg foods and sweets.

During the month of Ramzan Mohammad Ali Road is looks colorful and enclosed with the stalls of variety of Non veg items. This spirited street is  foodie's paradise.

In this Ramzan I and my friends got an opportunity to visit this place, we decided to travel to Minara Masjid’s galli to treat our taste buds.

That place was crowded with the folks like us who were also there to enjoy the delicious foods of Mohammad Ali Road. Walking in that galli was not possible, all of them rub shoulders and make their way to the roadside to get to the food stalls, it had been trying like i used to be walking within the Mumbai’s local train.

Crowd waiting for their turn

The only thing that was resisted me to stay there was wide range of mouth-watering non-vegetarian items and sweet dishes.

After struggling of half an hour we finally reached to hotel.....however owing to crowd we've been waiting there for another half an hour and we plonked ourselves on the chairs in front of the stalls.
We ordered…tangadi Kabab,chicken tikka,Mutton chops,Paneer Tikka for starters and for main course we had Chicken Lahori,Mutton changezi,Shahi Paneer and most famous dish of Mohammad Ali Road, The Nalli Nihari.

Tangadi Kebab and Chicken Tikka

After having some good non veg food we moved towards Sweet dishes in sweet we had malpuva , phirani , Rabadi, Sutar Feni and jalebi.

Let’s not forget this delicious and tasty food is easy on the pocket too. A full meal for with dessert cost just Rs 2500 for 5 of us, and food of  Ali Road is simply die for, so next years planning is already done from my side.

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  1. Loved the pictures! And the firni!!! :D
    Hope you are visiting the place again this year too :)

  2. Thank u Vaisakhi :) Yes, this year also i will visit, for simply delicious food

  3. Very nice depth . http://www.magcloud.com/user/petonlee773