Vkclicks: Monsoon Ride to Tungareshwar

Monday, 14 July 2014

Monsoon Ride to Tungareshwar

Does the idea of bike ride during the monsoons thrill you? If yes, then you are just like me who enjoys the monsoon rides. The joy of travel during Monsoon is entirely different and must have experience for biker.
Monsoon is the time for me to enjoy the rain and ride.

That’s why  I decided to plan a monsoon bike ride, but I have already did bike rides to most popular destinations of monsoons that is Lonawala, Malshej, Alibaug and Mahableshwar. So this time I planned a new destination and my search ended on the Tungareshwar wildlife sanctuary. I was not having that much of leave on my pocket that’s why one day ride and coming back to home is feasible to me. The ride to Tungareshwar fulfill my requirement so we finalised this destination.

Tungareshwar, located on Vasai Road in Thane District of Maharashtra. It is nearly 40km from my home. The main attraction of Tungareshwar is the  lord Shiva temple, and temple is surrounded by lush green, thickly wood which offers many opportunities to trekkers, nature lovers and bike riders like me.
It is about 85 km sq of forestland. It is located on an altitude of about 2177 ft. This place is well known amongst trekkers and nature enthusiasts and it is must be visit place in the monsoons.

Now My photos will tell you the rest of the story,

I must say it was a thoroughly enjoyable bike ride experience for me.....

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