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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Web optimized images for better SEO

Web optimized images are  very important for any photo-blogger, because in any photo-blog there will be lots of images rather than any article. So it is very important optimize images for web. In my previous article I have explained you how to Optimize the page Title for better SEO ranking. Today I will explain you how to optimize image for better SEO ranking.

  Image Credit : vividcortex

Image optimization is the basic but important step to boost your page ranking. Just writing quality content will never boost your SEO, you need to optimize image for web. That will help you to showing up well in search result. Web optimized images is one of the factor for photo-blogger to rank well. Web optimized images load faster and improve overall page speed of your photo-blog.

Web optimized images Tips to consider 

  • Image Name

  • Image Size

  • Image Alt Text

Image Name

When it's come to SEO, Keywords are very important for any article. Same funda goes with the Images as well. A good keyword rich image name plays vital role in SEO and this will help Google to understand what is the content of that image. The common mistake done by newbie photobloggers are they use default image name that your camera gave to the image such as IMG_64881. But it will not work, instead of that use descriptive file names with keywords separated by “-” (hyphen). Google consider hyphen as a space.

For Example : In below image instead of keeping image name IMG_64881, you have to give descriptive image name i.e. Mercedes-Benz

This image optimization tip will help the google to rank your image well when anyone search specific keyword which that image contains.

Image Size

When you consider web optimized images there will be 2 aspects to an image size. The first will be the dimensions of the image, and the second will be the storage space required. Image size will be crucial factor to consider in web optimized images. Simply put on this way, suppose it is taking more time to load the page then it will be worse affect on your SEO ranking. That's why it is very important to keep the dimension big as possible, but keep to storage space small.

For Example : Both the images looks similar in size but they are different in storage space.

Left one is 150KB and Right One is just 36 KB but you cant see any difference in that, that's why image storage space is very important.


from the above example you have already known that its not about how small you can get your images dimensionally , it's how small you can compress them while maintaining the same dimension. A good rule of thumb for photoblogger is try to keep your image file size below 70kb.

By using online tool you can optimize images for web online.

Image Alt Text

Alt tags are known as text alternative to images. When a browser can't properly open the images and  if you hover over it with mouse, you will see the Alt tag text created for that image.

Most of the search engines read your image as a text. The Alt tag informs the topic of your image to the search engine. Adding keyword rich Alt tags to the images on your website will help your website to achieve better rankings for the  keyword associated with that image. For web optimized images it is good practice to keep your Alt tag short and descriptive. Place your Alt tag with SEO keywords, Your image should be keyword rich but dont do keyword stuffing. For Above images Alt text would be Mercedes Benz or Mercedes Benz Car.

For above tips you can use image optimization tool  like photoshop and lightroom to achieve the desired result. Web optimized images are very good for rank well in Image search,By using above simple image optimization steps in your photoblog you can achieve good result for your photoblog to rank well in search.

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  1. Excellent frames.
    Thank you for these helpful tips.

  2. Thank u Indrani, hope this will help others too :)

  3. Nicely put. I have a very specific question. Is there any range for optimal size of images being shared on blogs? Because the size would also vary on the basis of contrast, lighting conditions etc.

  4. Thanks VJ :) Not so, Actually I am following the simple rule, I always try to compress image till 70 KB by adjusting dimension and image quality. But this rule will not works every time some time I compress image till 80 or 90 KB. This rule is depend on the photo that you are posting.

  5. Yeah. So mine is a Photography blog and I don't want to compromise on quality. I haven't managed to compress beyond 250kb. If I reduce the compression level further, either image starts looking a bit blurred and colors/contrast is compromised. But your article encouraged me to find a solution for that.

  6. 250 KB is too high buddy, try to keep between at least 90KB to 120KB. If you keep such kind of Large images on your photoblog then it will slow down your website sooner or later. You can check your website speed performance on https://gtmetrix.com/.
    To achieve that you need to keep experimenting. If you need more help on this feel free to ask.