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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

What to eat at Mohammad Ali Road

In this Monsoon to get the real experience of yummy food during the Ramadan, then Mohammed Ali Road in South Mumbai is the one stop place for you in Mumbai. In the month of Ramadan Mohammed Ali Road offers invitation to Non-Veg foodies. This is the ideal place for the foodies, here they can have variety of non-veg foods and sweets.

Last year me and my friends went to Minara Masjid’s galli to treat our taste buds, and this time also we went to the same galli but decided to eat somewhere else. But the Biggest question is "What to eat at Mohammad Ali Road ? " yes this is the one question any one  will have when he/she will visit the first time to Mohammad Ali Road. But don't worry guys here  I am giving you the must have foods when you visit the Mohammad Ali Road.

Below are the some most popular dishes that you must try, if you haven’t tried these then you have missed the big opportunity. These dishes are so tasty that you will just forget where you are and indulge in the taste ;)

What to eat ?


If you are a Kebab lover then it is the destination for you. In Mohammed Ali Road you will find variety of  kebbas. You can have mouth watering Shami kebbas, Afghani kebabs and Tangadi kebabs.


Shawarma is something similar to chicken wrap but it has a totally different taste. It is a tender tandoori chicken mixed with some sauces and wrapped in Roti. Yummy na :)

Nalli Nihari

Nalli Nihari is a delicious dish and most famous one. It is slow cooked mutton curry which is marinated in a variety of spices. Have a Nalli Nihari with the Roti or Naan to treat your tongue.


Biryani is the most common item you have tried but the Biryani at Mohammed Ali Road is to die for. It is very authenticate and tasty.

Biryani image source : wikipedia[/caption]

Phirni & Malpua

Now its time for desserts Phirni & Malpua are the most famous in Mohammad Ali Road. Phirni is made up of rice,milk and sugar and served in clay pots. it is very creamy and delicious. Malpuas are very popular sweet dish, it is like a pan cake but very rich and heavy.

Above are the most common choices you can order and you will  not go wrong with that. I think after reading this What to eat at Mohammad Ali Road is question is resolved. Please let us know that in comments.

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