Vkclicks: Spiti Valley Day 3 - Tapri to Nako

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spiti Valley Day 3 - Tapri to Nako

Spiti Valley Day 3 - Tapri to Nako

Day 2

Its day 3, today we are riding towards Nako, we started our ride by 8:30 AM as the distance between Tapri to Nako is 135 Km

Beautiful view of Tapri

Before we began the ride we asked around wether there is air pump near by ?  but to our surprise we found out that Nako market is closed on tuesdays. do keep this in mind while planning your journey.

bad road tapri
Bad Road at Tapri

Spiti valley road
Beautiful Road

narrow road
Narrow roads

without wasting our time we started the ride but our bad luck, the main road was closed due to the landslide, so we had to go via another road which was 22 km longer hence it took up more than 2 hours more.

After crossing that 22 kms of bad road, we decided to stop and have Maggie in the breakfast. We enquired about the road ahead and came to know about its poor condition . So we mentally prepared ourselves and started to ride .



While riding we encountered waterfall in between so decided to stop for some pics

Halt near to waterfall

Photo Time

After crossing some odd kms the good tarmac started to appear, and continue till Pooh village which is around  30Kms.

vishal Kadam
Enjoying some good roads

yamaha r15
Near to Karchham Dam

bad roads
Bad Roads

We encountered our first bridge on the trip so naturally we stopped for some photos.

vishal kadam bridge

You will see some wooden bridges during your  spiti valley ride, please ensure that only one vehicle is allowed at a time.

wooden bridge
wooden bridge

It is recommended that you register your vehicle number at every check post. there may be a circumstance where someone from the group is left behind, so it would be helpful to locate the person. While going to Nako you will cross 2 Check posts.

While riding towards Nako you can see a  beautiful confluence of Spiti an Sutlej Rivers

confluence of Spiti and Sultej

Mountain View

This Road reminds me of gata loops of ladakh 

Around 5 or 5:30 Pm we reached Nako, what a beautiful village it was . Nako is very small village but it was not short of necessory amenities.

beautiful view spiti
Beautiful View

beautiful sunset
Beautiful Sunset

bike and sunset
Bike and sunset

We stayed at a Hotel which costs us just 600 bucks for the night and the kind of view from balcony, it was worth the every penny .Let the photos talk.

nako City
View from hotel room

vishal kadam spiti
Photo time

It was already late so we decided to visit Nako lake and Nako Helipad in the morning. We had Chicken Momos and Chaomeen for dinner. The Temperature falls sharply at Night in Nako , so people coming from the warmer regions of India should be prepared.

Chicken momo
Chicken momo

Note: Spiti valley has no network other than that of BSNL.

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