Vkclicks: Spiti Valley DAY 4 - Nako to Kaza

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spiti Valley DAY 4 - Nako to Kaza

Spiti Valley DAY 4 - Nako to Kaza

Day 3

Its day 4, we woke up at 5 Am to get a head start as we had a big plan for the day.To my surprise there was sufficient light, and the climate was very pleasant. Just like any other good photographer I started my day by clicking some beautiful snaps of the picturesque view.

Nako mountain view
Nako mountain view


The plan was to reach Kaza by end of the day, and take halt at a  Pin valley as it was on the same route. We wanted to reach KAZA before dark to avoid riding at night as it was already dangerous enough to ride during day.

we visited Nako Lake in the morning, as we were unable to that yesterday because of exhaustion. clicked few pics, and after spending another 30 minutes we went back to our hotel to pack our bags, get something to eat and commence our journey towards KAZA.

me and my partner

nako city lake

nako lake
Nako Lake
Nako helipad was on the way so stopped there for another Photo session.

Nako Helipad
Nako Helipad
Midway through our journey, low on power passion found it difficult to climb on steep roads. This was evident because of the black smoke coming out of the exhaust.We cleaned the spark plug, but that didnt resolved the problem. Due to high altitude,engine was not getting enough air to churn out enough power.

We asked around for some mechanic but there was no one available till KAZA and as if the things couldnt get any worse, there was  news of landslide ahead so we had  no other option but to wait for more than 2 hrs.

nako to pin valley

pin valley road

nako tgo pin valley road

After the road was cleared, we continued our journey, the road didnt had any steep  hills so we managed to pull the passion across.



nako to kaza road

We stopped at  Tabo Village to have something to eat. To our dismay the hotel didnt have anything other than Fried Rice. After having our lunch we visited the Tabo Monastery. Visited the Beautiful Tabo  Monastery clicked some shots and started to our journey to Pin valley.

vishal kadam

Road to Tabo


tabo monastery
tabo monastery

We reached to pin valley around 4, but we decided to  return from half way,and skip visiting the  MUD village, so that we could reach KAZA on schedule.

vishal kadam spiti valley

nako to kaza road

pin valley bridge
pin valley bridge

pin valley
pin valley

vishal kadam spiti

We reached to KAZA at 7:45 Pm , but as it was a big village, this gave us ample amount of time to look around for places  to stay during the night.

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