Vkclicks: Spiti Valley DAY 5 - Stay in Kaza

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spiti Valley DAY 5 - Stay in Kaza

Spiti Valley DAY 5 - Stay in Kaza

Day 4

Day 5, it was our rest day, we kept this day as a Local sight seeing in KAZA, and we need a good rest too. Kaza is big village in Spiti valley so you can find some good hotels to stay and most important is Mechanic, so you can check is your bikes before next halt.


kaza city

kaza market
kaza market
It was lazy day, my friend woke up at 9 and got a ready as he wants to visit mechanic as there was only one mechanic in KAZA.( Passion need some care ) So he left early and I decided to go after some time. Around at 10:30 I reached to mechanic, but mechanic was not there my friend told me he had some work so he gone to other place. we dont have other option than wait he came by 11:20, and he did some work and Passion started. I also lubed my chain and now our bikes are ready.

kaza mechanic

Now it was time to full our Tanks, we just had some around 2 or 3 litres of petrol left. we gone to petrol pump and Petrol pump guy said petrol is not available, it will come by 1 Pm, so instead of waiting there we decided to have a lunch.

We came to hotel, had a lunch in our hotel. Today we decided to visit the key monastery and Kibber Village so after having our lunch we again visited to Pump for petrol, still he has no clue when will be the petrol available. This time he told us "Sir 6 baje Pakka aa jayega."

kaza petrol pump
kaza petrol pump

kaza petrol pump line
line for petrol

kaza petrol pump riders
Riders waiting for petrol
We had that much of petrol, in which we can visit the Key and Kibber, so we left from there.

yamaha r15

mountain view kaza
mountain view

key monastery bike

key monastery
key monastery
We came back at around 5 pm, freshened up and around 6 pm we reached to petrol pump, there was a huge line for petrol pump. another issue was localities are intruding and filling petrol in Jerry Cans. It was taking lots of time.

We met an Australian Guy in the queue, who was also travelling to Spiti Valley,after having some conversation with him i came to know that he was visiting India from past 19 years, wow what an interesting Man.

australian guy

vishal kadam
Selfie time

Around 11:00 Pm our number came, It took around  5 hrs what a waste of time, Please note that, if you are able to carry petrol in Jerry Cans please have it. The petrol Pump service in KAZA is very pathetic. I have never faced this kind of problem in my LADAKH Ride.

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