Vkclicks: Spiti Valley Day 6 - Kaza to Chandratal lake

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Spiti Valley Day 6 - Kaza to Chandratal lake

Spiti Valley Day 6 - Kaza to Chandratal lake

Day 5

It is Day 6,  Thank god we kept rest day in KAZA, petrol issue in KAZA was terrible, if we havent managed petrol then we have wasted one day in spiti valley ride.

Today we will be leaving to Chandratal Lake, which is the most beutiful lake which is situated at an altitude of about 4,300 metre. To reach the Chandratal Lake we have to cross the  Kunzum Pass which is also the highest pass in spiti valley.We started at 9 in the morning, as chandrtal lake was  just 100 kms from KAZA. After starting from KAZA few kms road patch was good but after that rods were very bad.

Spiti valley road

Spiti road

We took more break while going to Chandratal Lake bcoz of of bad patches of road.

vishal kadam spiti valley

spiti valley

The main hurdle on that road was yet to come the Kunzum Pass. Most of the riders faces AMS issue on this high passes, but thank god we havent faced an AMS issue this time.


Temperature was going down when we near to Pass, there was mud on the road due to the melting ice and riding in that slush was difficult, but finally we reached to Kunzum Pass.We took a break of half an hour at pass clicked few pics and again started towards the Lake.

Kunjom Top
Kunjom Top

vishal kadam kunjom pass
Kunjom Pass

yamaha r15 kunjom pass
Bikes at kunjom pass

vishal kunjom pass

kunjom pass

After Kunzum pass the roads become worst it was very difficult to sustain good speeds.

vishal kadam spiti
It was already 5 PM and we saw the board "chandrtal lake was still 12.5 kms" but this 12.5 kms was worst 12 kms of my life. Very narrow roads only vehicle can go at a time, if any SUV comes from your opposite side  then even passing to bikes also becomes very difficult.

Bad roads was not enough, we faced water crossing which is very huge and deep.

water crossing spiti valley
water crossing spiti valley

water crossing spiti

Passion was unable to cross that water crossing so every time i have to go first and i have to come back again to push the passion and that was very irritating and time consuming (very cold water)

you have to cross 2 water crossing to reach to Lake camp, finally we reached to Lake camp at around 7 Pm. In chandrtal tents are the only option available which vary from 800 to 2000.
chandratal camp
chandratal camp
We chose to stay in sharing tent which cost us 800 each including food, and that tent no one was there to share our tent.

mountain view chandratal
Mountain view from chandratal

chandratal tent
Tent at chandratal

vishal kadam

yamaha r15
The Mighty R15

evening chandratal
Beautiful evening at chandratal
It was already dark so decide to visit Lake in the morning, clicked few beautiful landscapes and mountains.

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