Vkclicks: About Me

About Me

Hi I am Vishal Kadam, by profession I am a computer engineer and love to travel on my bike, while traveling I explored new hobby in me “Photography”. During my journey, I started capturing the good moments through my Camera and day by day it has become my passionate hobby.

We all see the world through our eyes, but I always see this beauty through my lens and try to be more creative. Vkclicks is the photoblog of my beautiful journey.

I am just a passionate photographer, not a Wedding photographer, Wildlife photographer, Landscape Photographer, stock photographer or any other type of photographer because I simply do photography; I don’t like to categorize my photos in any generic types, I just enjoy capturing the beauty that comes across while travelling.

I don’t like being limited to one particular subject. I love to work with wide range of photography; this will help me to explore more into the world of photography.

Photography is like an art, it is the art of storytelling without the words where you can show your experience, emotions and stories in just a single photo, even words are inadequate to express.

Here, I have uploaded some beautiful moments & hope these captured moments will be commended.

My PhotoBlog – VKClicks
My YouTube Channel - Vkdiaries
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